We know that our programmes are a significant commitment so we, in turn, are commited to making sure you have the information you need to decide whether a City & Guilds accredited course is for you. If you can’t find the answer you need here, please don’t hesitate to email our tutor, Debbie at info@makingfutures.org.

Prefer to speak to Debbie in person? Not a problem!

Simply call on 0772 765 4043 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

There are lots of free videos on YouTube - why should I pay for a course?

We absolutely agree that YouTube has some amazing resources and some excellent tutorials. It certainly has a place when learning just about any new skill.

We believe we are different in several ways:

Clear and logical, structured format

Our programmes have a clear and logical progression. We aim to replicate an in person knitting workshop or class as far as possible so that you build your knowledge in a structured way. Because you are following a series of lessons, you should always find that you have learned what you need to know in order to be able to progress to the next step. It is always possible to revisit a lesson if you’re not sure (no need to wonder if it’s still in your recently viewed list!).

Professional recordings

Our material is high quality. Our videos are recorded by a professional videographer using our own studio and we pride ourselves on excellent lighting and sound so that you can always see and hear all the detail. With a single presenter, we offer consistency, both of terminology and style, pace and level of detail. Each technique is shown several times so that you can knit along. Alternatively you can watch a full video then revisit it as many times as you wish.


Closed captioning is included as standard so you can learn with our without sound. And if there is something you can’t see, we’ll either re-record it or set up a zoom session to demonstrate live.

Professional handouts

To accompany our videos there are comprehensive, illustrated handouts that you can view on screen, download or print – handy for when you’re not near a computer! The photography is also done in-house and is professionally edited for clarity and consistency.

Personal tutor access

If you’re not sure about a technique, Debbie is here to help! You’ll have the opportunity for regular one-to-one catch-ups where you can get feedback on your work, discuss any questions or tricky bits and get a live demonstration of a particular stitch.

Your programmes look great but they seem expensive?

We appreciate that there are less expensive ways to learn to knit and we strive to price our programmes so as to be as affordable as possible.

As a social enterprise, our profits are re-invested in bursary places and in the community so we do periodically have supported places available. You can find out more about this here.

With regard to the programmes we offer, they are not simply ways to learn to knit but are a structured combination of knitting and design. They also have the added benefit of an internationally recognised accreditation.

Our Introductory programme is studied over 30 hours which represents around 5 days’ of in person workshops. As you have the material (both video and written) for the duration of your course, as well as access to the tutor and live tutorials/group sessions for a period of a year, we believe that this represents good value for money.

Our Foundation programme is studied over 120 hours which broadly equates to 20 days’ of in person workshops. During that time you will study, not only a wide range of knitting techniques but also produce a portfolio of work and two designed and finished projects. Taken together with video and written material, tutorials and personal support for the duration of the course, again, we think this compares very favourably with other knitting courses.


I'm really interested in learning to knit but I don't want to be a designer. Is this course likely to be suitable?

A key feature of our programmes is that they are accredited by City & Guilds. As such, design is a key element of each programme. At Introductory level you may expect to spend around a quarter of the programme on the design elements.

On the Foundation programme, this is slightly more as you will be producing two final projects (there is one on the Introductory programme).

It isn’t necessary to be a ‘designer’ or ‘artist’ to complete the course successfully and we are confident that you will enjoy the design elements as they are very flexible and fun. Please do contact Debbie if you’re not sure and she’ll chat through what’s involved.

If you are primarily interested in developing your knitting skills, we are introducing a new programme that focusses exclusively on learning to knit and developing your knitting skills.

If you would like to know more about this course, please sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! We are pleased to be able to offer payment in 3 instalments at no extra cost to you using the PayPal pay in 3 service.

Simply select this option at the checkout. Please note: This service is provided by PayPal and we do not retain any of your payment details.

I live outside the UK. Can I still join the programmes?

Absolutely! At the moment our programmes are delivered in English and  live sessions are held at different times based on GMT. However, recordings of sessions can be made available and we’ll aim to find a suitable time for one-to-one calls (luckily Debbie is a night owl!). The student forum is 24/7 so you can catch up with fellow students there too.

Do you offer the programmes 'in person'?

Currently we only offer our City & Guilds programmes by distance learning. However, we have set up in person study days for City & Guilds students at our studio, part of A4 studios & AIR Gallery, in Altrincham, (near Manchester).

We do offer a range of in person classes via our sister company, DT Craft & Design. These are held at our studio and in venues around the UK. Should you wish to learn a particular technique or supplement your studies, details can be found on the DT Crafts website.

How do I present my work?

As you progress through the programme you will be asked to upload photographs of your work and accompanying research/review and reflections, onto our secure platform. We also encourage you to set up a pinterest account where you can upload a wider range of material (exercises, samples, research, inspiration images and other resources).

If you choose to submit for accreditation, your assignments and projects will be evaluated online and it isn’t usually necessary to send us physical work.

Do I have to submit my work for accreditation?

Not at all! If you wish to study purely for enjoyment you are very welcome to join the programme of your choosing with no obligation to formally submit your work.

In every other respect, your study experience will be the same – Debbie will still be very happy to provide feedback and the level of support is the same, as is access to all the materials and student forum.

Do I have to take part in the calls or join the live sessions?

If you prefer to work through the programme and find you do not feel the need for one-to-one support or to join tutorial calls that is absolutely okay. The materials are entirely sufficient to enable you to complete the programme without ongoing contact. It’s there if you need it but if you are happy working in your own space, just let us know and we’ll respect your wishes.

Do I have lifelong access to the materials?

As the programmes are study for professional qualifications, they replicate more closely in person courses.

You are welcome to download and keep copies of the written tutorials, exercises, assignments and project tasks. Video tutorials are available for a year for the Introductory programme and 18 months for the Foundation programme. We do aim to be flexible if you need longer so please let us know if this is the case.